I’m starting a blog.


Because I love to write. I love the feeling of having my laptop in front of me and hearing my fingertips hit the keys. I love that I can convey my thoughts onto something that gives them life outside of myself. Since I know I want to write a book some day and I have a strong love for understanding and expanding myself I thought a blog would be perfect. I want to write about; my spiritual journey and my struggles with the subject. About girl stuff; natural haircare and makeup. About selflove and confidence. About boys. About priorities in life and simplicity. About my thoughts on living in society today. About literally anything. I feel like sharing my thoughts feels important and of purpose. If someone reads and can relate; I connect with that person. I can practise being vulnerable and as I do this I meditate on the subject I’m writing on. It is the perfect mix. Eventually I want to do Youtube as well. I’ve been watching Youtube since I was fifteen years old. I’m now twenty-seven.

Youtube shaped me. I have a lot of love for that platform. But sitting in front of a camera and speaking my mind is a huge step. A huge step for most people but also considering I have had social anxiety and i’m still a bit shy, it’s a distant goal still. Not a reality I can force myself to do at this moment. I’m practising though. I bought a nice camera and have confronted my fear. It’s difficult, it really is. I’m super critical of myself and it’s a process to be yourself and not try being what everyone else is on Youtube. I want to always feel authentic to myself. What makes me feel most uncomfortable in life is when I feel fake. I despise the feeling so much. So, how do I feel natural in front of the camera? What I gathered from watching different videos on ”how to be yourself on camera” it all comes down to practise. So that’s what I’ll do. In the future though. it is definitely a goal. I feel like my life purpose is to be myself and spread love. I want to be a part of people’s journey. That feels so meaningful to me. I’ll do another post about my life journey and get more into dept about my plans for the future and so on, but this is a good way to put my thoughts out there and have them saved as well. I want to imagine a future where I have a client base, when I’m a zen coach and redirect them to this blog so that they can read and perhaps relate to my journey. That’s a nice thought..

So! In conclusion – BLOGGING :d Yay! Let’s go!!

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