An update and no specific topic

Im in an in-between place in my life now. Ive finished my summer job and im now going back to studying. Mainly to be able to keep our student apartment where the rent is great for being so central but also to get a income (small but always something) Reading more courses in nutrition will open up for opportunities in the future if I decide to study for a master. If I complete a master I can become a researcher eventually. That could be something. Stable income.. Since we cant move abroad I might as well. AND im taking the zen coach course in a few days. Going up to the capital and staying with a friend for a week. AND hahahah so many things but im also looking into starting my own business. Nutirionist/coaching. Getting used to the idea of trying and failing 😀 AND im dog sitting while doing all this. To get a few extra bucks and also company. Hard to keep track of all? Imagine my head. Many things to keep track off. It will take some time before I get into it. But it feels good. Im motivated and look forward to everything. I try to look at it a week at a time. Trust the universe and all that. It will show me the way in time. I only have to be patient.

This will be all for this post. My mind is all over the place so not really feeling sitting down and writing about something. See ya 😊

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