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Getting distance

Ive been sick a few days now. I have a cold. Its been a bore really. Ive been parked in front of the TV for five days. I couldn’t do the things I wanted and had planned. I wanted to work, take care of the dogs, study, meet a friend, workout etc. Get the newContinue reading “Getting distance”

Stress vs patience

Feeling a bit of stress in everyday life is common. Its standard it seems. I don’t want it to be. I’ve tasted what its like to live without it and I now crave it. I think the first thing that made me notice how generally stressed I was about time was my now boyfriend. HeContinue reading “Stress vs patience”


Comparing ourselves is human, right? Its part of our survival instinct. We judge people we see on the street as a threat or not. The fact is though, we dont live in a djungel. Threats arent around every corner. Its gone too far and we judge people unconsciously all the time. So much so thatContinue reading “Comparing”


Thought of the day – self-improvement; A common theme in my life has been self-improvement. I always strived to be a better version of myself because I don’t want to settle. That’s what I’ve told myself all my life. I’m afraid of not evolving and staying stagnant. But where does the line between not wantingContinue reading “Self-improvement”


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