Creating a healthy relationship to approval

Ive written a lot about outward approval. Its so important to me. I crave the approval from others in order to feel enough. Its not ideal to have this relationship to approval. Something that is external from you will always disapear and that will in turn make you codependent. When its gone youre left withContinue reading “Creating a healthy relationship to approval”

Interacting with other people

Hi. Its been a few days (or weeks) I always want to write about what I feel is relevant in my life, I feel like that will give me the best insights, and at the moment its meeting new people. I recently started a new job, around two weeks ago. I work in a healthContinue reading “Interacting with other people”


Comparing ourselves is human, right? Its part of our survival instinct. We judge people we see on the street as a threat or not. The fact is though, we dont live in a djungel. Threats arent around every corner. Its gone too far and we judge people unconsciously all the time. So much so thatContinue reading “Comparing”

Being myself and not feeling fake around others

This is the goal for me. I want to feel comfortable enough around people that I can act like myself without being on guard as if people around me want to harm and hurt me. I think its very common to feel like you are playing a role in everyday life. I don’t want itContinue reading “Being myself and not feeling fake around others”

The spirituial ego and resistance to overthinking

Last week I started the process of zen coaching again. I realized I needed guidance again after meeting this girl when we were out with the van. She started talking to us as we walked by and I was mesmerized by her openness and energy. It reminded me of my goal. I also want toContinue reading “The spirituial ego and resistance to overthinking”

Caring about what other people think

Social anxiety and carefreeness are polar opposites. With anxiety there is a compulsive want to control your surrounding and the people around you. It becomes sickeningly the main focus in the mind and everything is about other peoples perception (and here it is important to know that It’s always the perception you project. It’s impossibleContinue reading “Caring about what other people think”